For Job Seekers

Insight Recruitment has connections and job placements with amazing employers, knowledge of the industry to properly match people with the jobs they are looking for and will be good at, along with top notch communication to keep job seekers in the loop and actively finding opportunities. They found me the perfect position quickly and kept me informed on how things were progressing every step of the way.
Software Developer

Keep doing exactly what you’re doing! Keep being able to build personal relationships and keep open and active communication lines with job seekers. The constant and immediate updates anytime new information was received is what truly set my interactions with Insight apart from other recruitment firms.
Nick W.

Jobseekers: Are the right people seeing you?

If you are an active or a passive Jobseeker, we can help you get in front of the right people you want to meet. If you have the skills, the desire, passion and drive that most positions look for, that’s great but it’s only part of the equation in securing the career move you might be looking for.


We have clients looking to fill their unique positions across a variety of industries, nationwide. Job titles have evolved considerably, and some have new meanings. With some trends moving faster than others, it just makes sense to keep a finger on the pulse of your market, to stay abreast of current opportunities in your field – whether you are looking for work or not.


Stay connected while being discrete.

Let’s face it, most of us are curious about what else is out there, but for various reasons, we don’t always go searching. As a jobseeker, you might not want anyone else to know you are looking. You may have a position that you value and don’t want to risk anyone finding out that you might be considering something else. How can you stay connected with the market AND continue to give your best in your current job? It’s a tricky thing to do when you try it alone. Keeping track of where you applied, who you spoke to, what stage in the interview are you at, what about feedback on you or your resume? Are you even speaking to the right people? All of these important questions, when asked alone only give you more exposure than you need. This is where we can help. And help big time!


A better way.

With Insight Recruitment, we take this weight off your shoulders, and handle everything from bringing the right opportunity to you, to coaching you on your resume, preparing you for your interviews, giving you valuable feedback on how you did if you interview and providing you with all the vital information you need to know when considering another opportunity. So many job descriptions & job ads sound the same, so how are you to really know, which one is better suited to you and your life goals, right now in your life? At Insight, it’s our job to know which ones ARE better suited to you, because when you contact us we take the time to learn what is important to you, in your life right now. What your focus was 5 years ago may not be the same for you today. So we always strive to find that out and bring you something that is relevant and speaks to your higher self.


If you’re not growing what are you doing?

So if you’re fully engaged in your job right now you most probably have interesting projects, in a field you thoroughly enjoy, working with people you love, and you still feel challenged. That is real growth and you will no doubt feel very satisfied and also have the respect of many of your peers and executives that you work with. If something is missing though, maybe we can help. And if you’re not growing, then what are you really doing?

Tremendous and sincere. Insight takes the time to find out your needs and discuss why a particular opportunity may or may not be a good fit
Senior Business Analyst